Footwear Recycling : from the idea to the demonstrator

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Inspire and encourage to do beautiful things and do it all together.



We deploy for our customers a range of expertise on innovation and sustainability.



For over 6 years, we have chosen to support sport stakeholders (outdoor, surf), tourism (mountain, ocean) and textile industry.



Demain c’est le debut de @outsidersweekend et on vous a concocter la meilleure microaventure de l’année ! . #outsidersweekend #owe #moinsmaismieux


Back from the OutDoor Show 2018. The last one of this kind...😢 We will miss the atmosphere for sure. #havefundogoodbecreative #airprojects #circulareconomy #outdoorfn18


Ca se prépare ! Le feu de camp rougeoie, les hamacs sont tendus et les tipis se montent ⛺️. @outsidersweekend arrive a grand pas et on est chauds bouillants avec nos amis de @_chilowe_ 👌. . Et il parait que @lafuma et @lafuma_mobilier seront de la partie 🤫. . #havefundogoodbecreative #outsidersweekend #moinsmaismieux


No excuse to not recycle shoes in Europe. Yesderday, was the official launch of the industrial pilot of the SOEX Footwear Recycling plant in Germany. 1 ton of old shoes will be processed everyday here. One of those long term projects we can be proud of. Thanks Dr. Mike Lee, SOEX and Eco-TLC for making that possible. #footwearrecycling #havefundogoodbecreative #airprojects


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